Viruses, Malware, spyware, and other issues can make PC slow. Our Team can help you protect and tuneup your PC desktop or laptop.

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PCs get slow for many reasons; the primary reason is when your PC gets infected with viruses, spyware, or Malware. We can tuneup your computer, remove all the viruses, and other malware/spyware. After that, we will recommend you update all the software and install and good antivirus software.

Yes, During every repair, we make sure your data is safe and secure. We work on your computer in a controlled environment to ensure we can save your sensitive data. You can also choose to add a data backup service that we can install on your computer.

Our team can assist you with your software update or installation. You can either bring your software program or tell us what you would like to install. We will then purchase it and install it on your PC desktop or laptop.

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