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We use our Macbook at work, school, design, or presentation, Until something breaks in them, iFixers is here to fix your MacBook with the best price, fast turn around time, and quality work.

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Simple, submit a repair request and choose whether you want to call in-store, get it fixed on-site, or have us pick-up and deliver for free.

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Yes, If you have a Macbook with broken screen or a broken LCD it is replaceable. Depending on your Macbook model we can either replace the LCD or the glass screen. The quality of the screen is the same as when you originally bought it.

Usually, repairs take 2-5 business days, but depending on the type of issue you have with your Macbook, we can also officer same-day repairs. Using our EXPRESS SERVICES, we guarantee 24 hours repair time around.

It depends on the device model and the type of issue you have with your device. We have listed the prices for our services. We have a competitive pricing model to provide our users with cheaper costs but the highest quality service.

MacBook trackpads usually stop working if there is any water damage or physical damage to the trackpad. We can either fix your existing trackpad or replace it with a new one.

We do not recommend you repair your MacBook keyboard your self. For any such repair, you need specialized tools and a working station. The keyboard malfunction can be due to water spill, heavy usage, physical damage. We can either repair your existing keyboard or replace it with a brand new one.

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