iMacs are fantastic; we all love using them for our personal or business. Programmers, designers, graphics artists, music creators, and schools all use them. But when it’s slow, it gets annoying—That’s where we come to make them as new as when first bought them.

How you can repair an iMac

We repair
all the issues

Simple, submit a repair request and choose whether you want to call in-store, get it fixed on-site, or have us pick-up and deliver for free.


If you find iMac is running slow, it could be due to multiple reasons. It could be your hard drive not having free space; your iMac ram is not enough for what you use the Mac for. or it needs to be updated. We can run diagnostics to find out the problem and repair it.

This usually depends on the type of problem we find in your iMac, It can take 1-2 days to repair the iMac.

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