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We know how important your photos, videos, documents, and other files are. We are here to recover it.

omg! My iPhone screen broke

No need to rush to the apple store, and buy a brand new phone, We fix your phone and save you money.


One of the most common questions we get. The answer is yes, but it also depends on multiple factors.

How long ago did your device get water damaged? If the answer is recently or in the last 1 -7 days, there is a higher chance of data recovery.

What type of water get into your phone? Most people drop their phone in the toilet or the ocean. Both don’t sound good, but if you drop your phone on saltwater (ocean), you need to bring it as soon as possible as salt can damage the inner components of your phone very quickly. If you dropped your phone in the toilet, it’s important to disinfect your device with alcohol and turn it off.

Never plug in your water damaged phone to a charge or leave it in the rice.

We can recover your photos and video from you Macbook, iPhone, iPad, or any other PC or laptop. You can bring it in person, ship it to us, or give us a call.

The cost for data recovery depends on the media type, data size (amount), device condition, and damage severity. To make the process easy. We offer free diagnostics before we quote you any price, we run a complete evaluation of your device to provide you with an accurate cost estimation.

If we could not recover your data, you don’t pay us any money.

The simple answer is yes; we can recover your data. If you hear your hard drive making unusual noise that you never heard before. We recommend stopping using it immediately. Keeping it’s on or trying to fix it, your self can result in permanent damage. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO OPEN THE HARD DRIVE.

You can ship it to us, bring it in person, or call us about your situation. We will do everything possible to fix your drive and recover your data.

You can ship it to us, bring it in person, or call us about your situation. We will do everything possible to fix your drive and recover your data.

When you buy a new laptop, phone or MacBook, you would like to transfer all your data from your old device to a new device. Manually moving your data can be a tedious task. iFixers can help you automate this process and transfer all your files and data from your old device to a new device without losing any of your data.

We can transfer all your files, documents, spreadsheet, photos, videos, etc. Most of the data transfers can be completed within 1-24 hours.

Before we start the data recovery process, we will do a thorough evaluation of your device. This process can take three to 5 business data (unless you choose our expedited data recovery option), putting your order at the front of every queue and speeding up the evaluation process. Once the evaluation is complete, we will contact you with the total estimated cost and time that it takes to recover your data. Our expedited service can complete your data recovery within 24-36 hours.

More sophisticated devices or cases can take a longer time.

We give you multiple options to select. You can choose to upload your data in a USB drive, a hard drive, or transfer it to your new device. You can also provide your device or want to upload it to the cloud. We go with whatever option that’s convenient for you.

We also sell portable data storage devices that you can buy it from our store.

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