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Common Repairs

MacBook Pro | Air
Screen Repair

At Apple store, OMG costs ~$700-$900, and they take at least a week. But iFixers do it much cheaper, quicker and also provides the same warranty as Apple.

Common Repairs


Its one of the most common issues, 80% of the time your devices slow speed is due to the battery. Please don’t waste money buying a new device, iFixers can replace it and give your device a new life.

Common Repairs

iPhone Screen Repair

We have all broken our phones 1-2 times before. We can relate to the feeling; there is no need to buy a new iPhone, Just come to iFixers, and we will replace the screen in 30 min.

Common Repairs

Laptop Keyboard

It’s very annoying to have a key or space stop working, Either you spilled coffee or had some beer on you Macbook, or your cat was trying to send an email and knocked off a key, either way, the keyboards are replaceable.

Common Repairs

iPad Screen

We love our iPads, we read, do our homework, watch our favorite shows, and videos, play games and take it on the plane with us. If you have a broken iPad, Get it repaired without wasting money buying a new one.

Common Repairs

Data Recovery

Data is the new Gold if you have lost your data, by spilling water on your laptop, dropping your phone, or your device is stuck on scary Apple logo, we can recover your data and fix your Macbook.

Common Repairs

Water Damage

We have heard many water damage stories; Let us tell you some of them.

F&*K! I jumped in the pool with my phone“, “I don’t remember how it got water damage, I was at a party last night,” Here is the most common one “I drop my phone in the toilet.” cat-lovers “My cat spell my coffee/beer on my MacBook.” Everyone asks the same questions, is it repairable, can I get my pictures? Our response, of course, we can fix it and recover your party picture 🙄.

Why us?

Free Diangostics

We've made it fair and straightforward. You bring in your device, we check it for Free and quote repair cost. The choice of repair or no repair is yours.

90-Day Warranty

We stand by our work, if the parts we installed is defective we replace it free of cost. it is fair and makes our customers HAPPY 🙂

Express Service

In today's fast life, we need our devices for work, school, or business and need to be repaired ASAP, we also offer EXRESS SERVICE.

Free Pickup & Drop Off

We offer Free Pick & Drop Off to businesses, schools, and local customers. If you want your device to be repaired on-site or Picked up, Please contact us.

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