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Don't replace your device when it becomes faulty, gets damaged, or starts working slowly. We can repair it and getting working properly again - laptops, computers, phones, and tablets.

How it works

It will take just 10 minutes of your time


Select the service you need and the device you want repaired or optimised


Bring your device in or schedule an on-site repair where we come to you


Collect and start using your repaired and/or optimized device

Repair Your Device

We repair iPhones, iPads, other smartphone brands, laptops, and more. Broken screens, water damage, software problems - we fix them all.

Data Recovery & Backup

Recover lost files, protect your files with data backup, migrate your data from one device to another, or optimise your storage locally or in the cloud.

Smart Home

Make your home smarter with professionally installed and configured smart devices from Nest, August, and Google.

Our Services

A list of our provided services

Why Choose Us

It will take just 10 minutes of your time

Free Diagnostics

When you are not sure why your device is not turning on or has some other issue. We will diagnose your device for FREE.

30 min Repair Services

Most of our repair service are completed within 30 Min while you wait.

On Site Repair

We will repair your device at the place of your choice. We will come to you so you can focus on your work.

In Store Repair

You don’t have time to wait or to make appointment. Just stop by our store and we will get your device fixed within 30 min.

90 Days Warrenty

Oh yh we do have warranty, if you have any issue you can give us a call and we fully stand by our repair. If we can’t repair we will refund 100% of your money back.

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Why our customers love iFixers

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Yannie S

From Yelp

"I think you can finally start believing in miracles once you've had to go through iFixers. I went with a super water damaged iPhone 5 but they were able to get the phone to turn on. Overall, I would definitely recommend this place if you're looking for an iPhone fix."


Dave T

From Yelp

"I can't say enough about the courtesy and customer service of this shop. They installed a new microphone in less than 10 minutes, replaced it a few days later when the part went bad (for free), cleaned up some water-damage and rust in the phone (for free), and were so friendly. I will come here anytime there's a problem with my iPhone."


Thai D

From Yelp

"I went to this store with my water damaged iPhone 5. The young man was nice, professional and very helpful. He showed me the main circuit board was already burned and needed to be replaced. He also advised me it was not worth the fix, plus he didn't charge me for the advice! I'll return to this store when I need help. It was a very good experience."

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